Clinical Governance

Clinical Governance is an umbrella term which encompasses a range of activities in which clinicians should become involved in order to maintain and improve the quality of the care they provide to patients and to ensure full accountability of the system to patients.

Multidisciplinary working is an important aspect of Urogynaecology.  Specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapists are available in the hospitals in which we work and we can make referrals as required.  On going treatments may require community care and we will liaise with your General Practitioner, Practice Nurse and Community Continence teams as required.

All the Partners are members of a multidisciplinary team which meets regularly.  At these meetings the management of complex problems are discussed and all proposed surgical procedures are reviewed and this is applied to private patients as well as NHS patients.

The British Society of Urogynaecology hosts a national database. All surgeons treating prolapse and incontinence are encouraged to enter details of the procedures carried out onto this database together with information about any complication and the success of the procedure.  The information entered is anonymous to all except the surgeon and you as the patient will not receive any communications.  This anonymised information is used to develop a picture of what procedures are being performed throughout the UK, as well as complications and patient satisfaction. Individual surgeons can also use it to see how they compare with others.  All the Partners enter any procedures they carry out onto this database and when you are completing the consent process for surgery you will be given more information and asked for your consent to your procedure being included.

Mr. Shahid is member of a colposcopy multidisciplinary team (MDT) which meets every month. All complex cases and any cases where there is a mismatch between a smear result and a biopsy result are discussed by the MDT.  

Any unexpected diagnoses of suspected cancer are referred for discussion by the regional gynaecology cancer MDT. Patients with cancer are referred on to a surgeon specialising in cancer surgery.